• Alix E. Harrow

Holy Cats, I sold my book

Here's the news. The big, life-altering, universe-skewing, time-space-continuum-wrecking news: Orbit books is going to publish my first-ever novel, in Fall 2019. Here's the announcement in Publisher's Marketplace:

The keen reader will note: I ALSO SOLD MY NEXT BOOK, which isn't even WRITTEN YET. I pitched it to Nivia as "suffragists, but witches," so picture an 1890s alt-America where the battle for women's suffrage is also a battle to restore women's magic.

There honestly aren't enough exclamation points or capital-letters to adequately express how I feel about all this. I've always been lucky--every penny has been head's up, every dice-roll has gone my way--but Jesus H., this is something else.

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